The Marriage Lesson I Learned Too Late

Marriage is called by a journey of love, commitment, and grow old together. It is a beautiful and sacred bond between two people, they can die for one another by all means. There is a vow of spending life together till death. However, marriage is a complex relationship of husband and wife which requires constant effort, communication and compromise. Unfortunately, there are many couple who are not concern about their marriage life and neglect the nurture of the relationship. These types of relationships have no end, no happiness. Even this can lead the relation to divorce. Lets dive into our one of the most beautiful posts The Marriage Lesson I Learned Too Late.

My journey through marriage was exited one. I was confused, it filled with ups and down, laughter and tears, but among all of these there was one important thing I learned too late.

It was fervent excitement, when two young souls meet on college and started their journey. Our relation growing swiftly and we decided to tie the knot. It was my trust that love alone is enough for the rest of my life to conquer the world. When people blossom, they became more confident and that was my first mistake. I was wrong, I thought then I had a stable marriage life. When the honeymoon phase faded the reality became bitter slowly. Very soon we realized that love is though powerful but not enough to sustain the marriage. I was too busy with my work, friends and hobbies and didn’t pay enough attention to her. I didn’t listen to her feelings, needs, and concerns. Moreover, I didn’t appreciate her sacrifices and contribution even her support too. I didn’t express my love and affection. I was sure that she was always there for me.

Communication is the foundation of a successful relationship, which we skipped like an untouchable dream. We argued with unnecessary topics and let our frustration make silence our feelings and emotions. It was like a recipe of digester for our relation.

Year passed, and all the unspoken complain make a cave between us that we don’t even realize. We drifted apart like passing wind in the night with obligation rather than affection. The love once glittered like diamond became dimmed like star, overshadowed by misunderstanding and irritating.

We were not serious about that until our marriage started falling apart, we both suffered a lot for being frustrated. But there was still a turning point, we both realized that we are not feeling well, we need love, support, affection and most of all, someone to understand our unspoken words.

It was too late when I realized my mistakes. My wife said she want divorce and I was blown up. I had nothing to do though I could have done everything. She said with me, she was unhappy, lonely, and unloved. She said, I didn’t listen when she tried to talk to me. I didn’t care when she tried to make it work. Also, I was hurt, angry and broken when she said had enough, she wants to move on. I tired to stay together but it was too late to hold her. I tried to save our relation, our bonding of vow. It was too late, I tired to make her understand to be calm down and forget everything. We can start over but she made her mind that was unchanged.

I regret for what I have done to her, I wish I could go back and change everything as much as possible. I wanted to start everything again but it was too late. Even, I wish I gave her more attention, listen to her, care for her. I wish I could realize that marriage is not just like a machine that once started and run over time to time, but something you have to work on it every day. I wish I had learned this lesson sooner before it was too late.

As a husband, when you are apart from your spouse, you will experience a range of emotions and the nature of your marriage as I did. Separation will lead you as you are a walking dead. Loneliness will swallow you in the darkness. Life will become hell. You will be unable to find peace of mind, life will trigger of sadness. The desire of your reunited will bring to a deep sense if you really want to be with her again. You will remember each and every moment you spent together. You will regret every second as I did if you loved her from deep of your heart.

In spite of all these, I had to decide whether I reform our marriage or lose everything. I tried to catch up with her, and we started working hard to fix our marriage. We shared our fears and worries, it was tough, emotional and full of tears but we found comfort in each other. We learned how to listen carefully each other and how to share words instead of judging each other.

Finally, the day had come, the wall we had built between two hearts became crumble slowly but surely. We revealed the joy and affection for each other. Our bond became stronger very passing day. We realized that only marriage is not enough to lead a happy life. If we look back to our journey, we don’t find anything but only frustrations, neglect. If we realized the importance of communications,

understanding and share and care, we could have saved us from stress and pain. However, I am grateful that the marriage lesson I learned too late but learned. Only for this, we are a happy couple now.

The Marriage Lesson I Learned Too Late: If you are planning to marry or you are already a married, I only say learn from my all mistakes. Avoid all the fault I did to my spouse. Don’t think ever that se is always there for you as granted. Avoid distraction of work, friends and hobbies from your spouse. Pay attention to her, listen her needs and feelings carefully. Appreciate her support and sacrifices. Always give love and respect to her. Don’t take it as option rather make it priority and invest your time. Try to understand her, make compliments, show love and surprise them often. Celebrate and support each other. After all trust and respect for all is mandatory.

Marriage is a priceless gift; it’s not a destination, it’s precious, you should treasure and protect it. It is continuous journey of belief and support. It requires communication and understanding. You will realize how important your life partner to you when you will lose them. So please don’t let be. You will have a healthier and happier life with your spouse if you care about it. Trust me, this is the most important marriage lesson you learn ever.

Nothing is more important in marriage than you sacrifice and adjustment. But in my experience, I don’t want anyone commit those mistakes what I had done before. Here is my advice for all, please maintain these if want your marriage life be happier and healthier.

Communication: First of all, accept your spouse as your best friend. Speak with her in an open heart, share your feelings and emotions whatever it is. Work together in issues these will take your relation long.

Support: There are no women who doesn’t love a supportive man, so be supportive. Listen to her needs and feelings and even if you don’t want. Providing emotional support in a crucial time will be a great.

Respect: Respect is great virtue. Showing respect towards your wife will increase you respect towards you. That means if you respect each other, there will be no conflicts or bargain in conversation.

Time Spending: Spending quality time together will strength the bond between husband and wife. Make fun together, you must enjoy each other company.

Affection: Romance and intimacy can bring fulfillment in marriage. Expressing feelings, physical touches and gestures brings closeness in marriage. Always show your affection.

Adaptability: Willing to adapt changes and take challenges have must. Everything in the world is changeable so let it be. Even if something rises in your relation or in life for essential, always be there to accept it.

The Marriage Lesson I Learned Too Late: And the last of all, take break from each other. Always have time for your personal life, hangout with friends, gossip together, have fun and chill out. You both can do the same, this will help you to keep your understanding level standard. Remember, distance too can make a relation much better than being close. Also, build your trust and maintain honesty, this is the foundation of a strong marital life.

On the day when we finally get together again, I hold her hand and said I stand with you, all your responsibility are mine. My love, till now I will be with you all time of challenges or in a joy. I promise on our reunion, the journey will never end till death. It is my sacred duty to protect you and our bond. I take responsibility of our emotion, understanding and feelings will never hurt again. I commit to love you my whole life. You are my soulmate, I will never leave you again.

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