What Is the True Meaning Of Marriage And Love


What Is the True Meaning Of Marriage And Love


What Is the True Meaning Of Marriage And Love?

I had a close experience with love. 

I am not married now 😂, but this appears to be true in my current relationship. 

While you looked for the answer to the question 🤔 “What is love ?” 

I’m going to relate a brief story told by my father. This helped me to understand the true meaning of love and affection.

Story: Difference between Liking Something and Truly Loving Something

The story begins with a charming, innocent youngster named ‘Adrian’ studying in his classroom. He was reading beautiful English poetry.

Suddenly, while reading, he thought about a question: “WHAT IS LOVE?” He needs a lot of potential to ask this question.

He gained some confidence and asked his English teacher this question. His English teacher, Miss Lily, was a lovely and kind-hearted person.

Adrian raised his hand and asked, “What is love, ma’am?” 

Miss Lily was surprised at first, but then she told him to come closer. She told him to go to the garden and look at the wonderful flowers. As she instructed, he went to the garden where many beautiful flowers were planted. He took a round and looked at those gorgeous blooms. He immediately likes a flower and wants to pick it, so he does the same. Since he was drawn to it, so he plucks it and returns to the classroom, where he presents that flower to the instructor. The teacher said, “Wow!” What a lovely flower.” She then asked the little boy, Adrian, if this was the loveliest flower in the garden. 

Difference between Liking Something and Truly Loving Something

Then he said, “NO, MAAM.” There is a flower that is far more beautiful than this, but it is too lovely for my heart to allow me to pluck it. I love that flower too much, so I decided not to pluck it and to nurture that plant so that it produces more beautiful blossoms.  

Then, instructors joyfully answered, “Now you have the answer.” 

This is what love is, so you pick the flower you like or desire that you don’t care about; there are many options also other than this flower which are the same as this flower, but you like it, so you pluck it ……but the flower you truly love, you decided to grow more and want to take care of. 

So, when you love, you love with a kind heart and care. However, You don’t want to break it or hurt it. You think about it and love it as it also gives you peace of mind, and both of you and the flower enjoy the beauty of love without harming. Just care, love.

“Adrian smiled and said to the teacher, “I got it, ma’am.

So I think this story helps you a little bit to understand what love is…. Now, we will discuss What Is the True Meaning Of Marriage And Love one by one. 

Exploring the Real Meaning Of Love.

It’s more than simply a word. 

LOVE 🫶 is an emotional symphony, a soulful dance accompanied by the melody of existence. Love is the purest kind of connection. The tender touch cures the deepest wounds, and the whispered words provide hope on the darkest nights. Love is the warmth of an embrace. The sincerity of a smile and the knowledge that someone truly cares. However, It is a selfless act of giving oneself with no expectations. 

 Love may be discovered in the smallest of gestures: a shared laugh or a comforting hand in times of need. It’s the basis on which relationships develop. 

Exploring the Real Meaning Of Love

Love provides you with encouraging growth, forgiveness, and unshakable bonds. In its truest form, love is a journey of discovery, an exploration of the depths of the human heart. Where vulnerability is embraced and imperfections are celebrated. 

Love is like a beautiful flower. You have to keep caring for it and working on it. In return, love always comes in the form of love.

You may think not every time, but you can indeed get that love from another one in another form. Just start loving everything. Love will embrace your heat. 

Going Through What Is the True Meaning Of Marriage And Love

Marriage 💍 is a strong bridge that binds two individuals.

This word is built on trust, respect, and devotion. It is a relationship in which two people work together to handle life’s joys and challenges. Moreover, Marriage is about collaboration with one individual, supporting and uplifting the other. At the same time, Together, share difficulties and celebrate victories as a unit. It is a pledge to be there for one another through thick and thin, to appreciate and honour one another in good and terrible times.

In essence, Marriage is a journey of development and companionship in which love blossoms and relationships deepen with time. Additionally, It is about creating a shared life full of laughter, dreams, and constant support.

What Is the True Meaning Of Marriage And Love according to Hindu Scripture “THE BHAAGWAD GEETA”

1. Love According To Bhaagwad Geeta

The Bhagavad Gita’s message is clear: love is the truth we hold. Every face in the infinite universe of the Supreme Reality is infused with love. Indeed, Love is the unity, source, and centre of all beings, and we discover it in more places. Above all, In the magnificent tapestry of love’s tale, the Supreme Reality is the source of infinite grandeur.

Love is Beyond The Physical Or Mental It is love That spiritually connects Two Souls. 

2. The real meaning of Marriage, according to Bhagwat Geeta

According to the Bhagavad Gita,

Marriage is a divine union in which two souls join to assist one other’s spiritual progress. It extends beyond the surface aspects of Marriage and emphasizes the fulfillment of obligations and responsibilities to one’s partner, family, and community. The Gita teaches us that Marriage provides a chance for friendship, support, and learning. It encourages couples to treat their relationship with respect, realizing that it is more than just a source of personal happiness but also a means of selflessness and serving the greater good. 

Going Through Some Principles Of True Love And Marriage.

Respect and EmpathyMutual respect and empathy are required to honour each other’s feelings. And, these are basic principles of true love.
CommitmentMarriage is founded on a foundation of commitment where both parties promise to support and appreciate each other.
Continues GrowthLove and Marriage are the processes of growth and development in which both partners should encourage each other. 
ForgivenessForgiving one another for mistakes and weaknesses is essential for moving
Teamwork and PartnershipLove and Marriage are two concepts in which both individuals collaborate as a team, sharing duties and the ups and downs of life. These are pillars that show that your love is true.


Love and Marriage are not riddles. We came to know a lot about What Is the True Meaning Of Marriage And Love. But what matters is that the partners if they truly love each other, have to take every step to get married. Nah..… Not in a bad way, but make an effort to convince your parents. If they realize that you both are best together, then no one can stop your love from creating history. 

If you fall in love and marry the same person, life becomes worthwhile, and then your life becomes peaceful and happier. Living a life without genuine love is simply passing the time, regardless matter how much you accomplish.

Meaning Of Marriage And Love

In the end,

I hope you find this article useful and get your answer. I wish for a healthier and lovely life filled with happiness and joy ….

Here is a beautiful poetic work, Nahhh😂 I am not a poet just got some lines and wrote them. Maybe not so good, but these lines will give you a pretty meaning of love.

“Love ♥️ is the melody in the silence of the night, 

A symphony of passion, burning bright. 

It’s the whispered words that ignite.

A fire that consumes with pure delight”.

Commonly Asked Questions

1. Can love alter over time? 

Love is dynamic and may change as people and relationships mature. While the first spark of romantic love may grow into a more profound, more mature passion, the fundamental essence of love, which is based on trust, respect, and mutual care, can remain constant or even strengthen with time.

2. How will I come to know that I truly love someone?

True love is often accompanied by a sense of peace, security, and happiness. You will find that the person can be the most comfortable zone for you when you’re with that person. Moreover, You feel a deep emotional connection and a sense of understanding. You genuinely care about their well-being, and you will think that you can spend your entire life with them.

3. What does the signification of marriage beyond the legal and social status?

Marriage symbolizes a deep commitment and partnership between two individuals. However, It encompasses emotional support and companionship.

And They shared goals and values. It signifies a promise to stand by each other through life’s ups and downs. To build a life together and to support each other’s growth and happiness.

4. What are the key ingredients for a successful marriage?

Key ingredients for a successful marriage include communication, trust, mutual respect, and compromise.

Especially willingness to work through challenges together. Also, maintaining intimacy, fostering emotional connection, and prioritizing each other’s needs. These are some pillars of a healthy relationship and Marriage. You can go through our previous article for more information.

5. What are some common misconceptions about Marriage? 

Common misunderstandings about Marriage include the belief that it would instantly fix personal problems or provide eternal pleasure. Furthermore, there is a common notion that Marriage necessitates the loss of individuality or independence, whereas a successful marriage promotes personal growth and unique identities within the union.

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