Why Do Guys Like Situationships


Why Do Guys Like Situationships: 9-TOXIC-Reasons-A-Guy-EXPOSED

Why Do Guys Like Situationships?

Have you noticed that sincere, romantic relationships have disappeared? I can’t remember hearing about a boy and a girl becoming a couple. Welcome to our most beautiful post, Why Do Guys Like Situationships. We assure you, Definitely you will love and enjoy the beautiful caption of this post.

All my friends are in casual relationships. They either switch partners often or have friends they hang out with. I figured out that the guys usually start these relationships, and girls go along because they feel like they have no other option.

After pondering this, I have a lot of questions in my mind. Like, Why Do Guys Like Situationships? What’s In It For Them? Why Would A Regular Guy Prefer To Do This?

Why Do Guys Like Situationships 9 TOXIC Reasons

What is Situationship?

A situationship is like a relationship where there’s no plan to commit. Usually, people aren’t friends first. There’s physical attraction and maybe romantic feelings, but they can’t be together in a relationship.

Imagine you meet the perfect Partner, but he doesn’t want children. You want kids someday. You’ve been dating for a while, and both like each other. You decide to stay in touch until you find someone who wants the same things because you’re tired of dating.

They Just Want Relations, Not Relationships

I asked my guy friends, “Why do guys like situationships?” However, They gave me 9 responses. They shared their reasons and thoughts during our chat. After trying to know most of their thoughts, these 9 responses captured all they told Me:

1. Enjoying Relationship’s Perks Without Having One:

If you ask an Honest Man, Why do Guys Like Situationships? He will reply that they like getting everything without giving anything in return.

You are giving your guy all the infinity Stones, but you still can’t call him your Boyfriend. You are always with him when he wants a date. They text other girls, travel with them, and spend nights calling them.

He has a girl for cuddling, sleeping, and kissing, Meanwhile for his booty call. He gets all the love without giving back. You cannot even complain or try to act jealous of him. Also, they usually reply when you remind them of your birthdays or events to make them think about this relationship. “They are Not Serious.”

Meanwhile, he doesn’t help you with everyday house routines or make you feel necessary. Don’t you realize you are stuck in a Relationship that doesn’t mean anything to him?

2. Using Non-Commitment As An Excuse For Cheating:

Why do guys like situationships? Well, for many guys, almost relationships are just an excuse to cheat. You might feel jealous but can’t say anything because you’re not his official girlfriend.

There is a high chance that he may be having casual sex and one-night stands with random girls, and that’s not considered cheating. You can’t say anything because he can use Tinder and other dating apps. You’re not allowed to check his phone, ask him where he’s been, or talk about girls he follows on Instagram and Snapchat. You’re just friends with benefits; he can act however he wants.

At least, that’s what he says when you ask him about other girls. He reminds you that you agreed to these terms and can do whatever you want to. And when you think about it, he’s not wrong. You chose this love life for yourself.

Marry Wrote on her Story,

“Sometimes you want to Post the Love of Your Life, Then the other Love of Your Life can See it.” So Sad.

3. The Fear of Commitment:

Remember this: They Just Want Relations, Not Relationships. Some guys fear commitment because they think it means giving up their freedom. They’re called commitment-phobes and go from one situationship to another.

They like casual dating more than serious relationships because they don’t feel responsible until they define the romance.

It’s funny when a commitment phobe acts like your Boyfriend. He texts you often, enjoys hanging out, and even gets jealous. But when you ask him to be official, he runs away. He thinks being your real Boyfriend means losing his freedom.

4. Men Chase Excitement:

Men like the thrill of chasing. The guy who wants you the most is the one who has to pursue you.

In a real relationship, there’s no more chasing. You might think, “What a relief!” That’s true for mature people. But immature boys love the thrill of chasing.

In an FWB relationship, they always have that thrill. They must always find out what’s coming next or what tomorrow will bring.

This adrenaline keeps a guy interested in you. That’s why the butterflies never go away.

Sarah Says on Twitter,

“Who wants to hang out for three months, do all the couple stuff, and then say, “Nah, I’m not ready for a relationship because my 6th-grade ex was too traumatic”?”

It is so WEIRD BUT FUNNY TOO! (Haha)

They Just Want Relations Not Relationships

5. They Prefer Life with No Responsibilities:

Why do men like situationships? One reason is they don’t have to be a responsible boyfriend in these setups. Your almost-boyfriend doesn’t have to try to keep you around. Just a text, and you’ll be at his door in minutes.

He doesn’t have to buy you flowers often or plan romantic surprises. There’s no pressure for him to send you good morning or good night texts daily. As you know, They Just Want Relations, Not Relationships. 

He doesn’t need to make time in his schedule to see you. He can go on trips with his friends without telling you and also, puts no effort into your situationship.

6. Being in a Toxic Situationship:

A situationship is sometimes good. It only turns toxic when both people don’t agree. What does this mean?

If you’re only in a situationship because he wants it, it’s toxic and not good for you. You want a real relationship, but you’re settling for less this way.

You think if you tell him to make you his girlfriend or leave, you’ll lose him forever. So you believe it’s better to have him this way than not have him at all?

You hope you’ll be a real couple someday, but he sees you as a backup plan if he doesn’t find someone better. If this sounds familiar, your situationship is toxic.

7. They Are Not With You Emotionally:

Situationships can give emotionally unavailable men a safe place. In an open relationship, intimacy might feel less scary and more relaxed.

He gets away with it because, as a woman, you wouldn’t challenge an emotionally unavailable partner in a situationship. He can choose which ideas, emotions, and experiences to communicate without fear of criticism or rejection.

8. Situationship Makes Them Think More Powerful:

Why Do Guys Like Situationships? Honestly, Guys like situationships because they have more control. They make the rules and often decide when it ends.

Why? Because, compared to women, they are better at dating without getting emotional. Men may not feel as strong and independent in a committed relationship as they do when they have this control.

9. He Never Loved You! Sad But True:

To be clear, a man doesn’t care about your feelings if he knows you care for him yet still drags you into this situationship. The fact is that you are not his girlfriend because he doesn’t love you enough.

He might say he’s not ready for a relationship. But honestly, he’s not ready for one with you. Does he know he’s causing you pain? Nope! Does he feel bad for messing with your head? Not at all! Is it his fault your heart broke? Nope, not at all!

I Believe,

“If he truly loved you, he wouldn’t be blind to your pain. He’d do everything to make you smile. Instead, he’s only causing you misery!”

Wrapping Up: Why Do Guys Like Situationships?

In situationships, some guys like the idea of no commitment and less pressure than regular relationships. Here’s why it might be appealing:

Guys like situationships because they don’t have to deal with emotional baggage. These relationships are less intense, so it’s easier to come and go without getting too hurt. Don’t Forget this: They Just Want Relations, Not Relationships.

What exactly is Situationships

These Guys can date many girls without feeling bad. They can explore without being tied down to one person. Remember, this works for some guys, but not all. It’s important to talk openly with your Partner and set clear rules. Situationships also mean fewer responsibilities. Guys don’t have to worry about planning holidays or sharing chores. This gives them more time for their hobbies and other things they enjoy.


What Does “Textationship” Mean?

A textationship is a relationship that’s all about texting, with little or no in-person interaction. It starts online and doesn’t progress to meeting face-to-face.

Should You Text a Guy Every Day?

Don’t worry about being too clingy. Feel free to text the guy as much as you want. Sending good morning, midday, after work, and goodnight texts are fine. Texting first shows your feelings and lets them know you like them.

What exactly does Situationship mean to a guy?

Basically, a situationship is a romantic or sexual relationship that lacks commitment and boundaries. When a Guy is in a situation, he is not committed to his relationship. He might spend time with his Partner but without any commitment to the future of the relationship. However, everyone has different expectations or understanding of situations.

What Are the Red Flags of Being in a Situationship?

They always want to be with you, always texting and calling and expecting quick replies. They rush things to define the relationship or make commitments early on without knowing you.

Do Feelings Come into Play in Situationships?

In a situationship, you might take time to figure out what you want from the relationship, but eventually, one or both people usually start developing feelings for each other.

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