Soundless Communication

The Art of Soundless Communication and Its Beauty

What is communication?

Communication is the medium to transfer or express our thoughts, ideas, and emotions with the other person. It helps build strong relations between individuals of the same family, office, school, or college. Usually, two people exchange their thoughts via a single or unitary system or Language. There are many ways of communication, like verbal, pictorial, visual, and soundless or silent communication. But the purpose of these all is the same. Welcome to one of the most beautiful posts on Soundless Communication. We assure you that you will definitely love this to read and realize how beautiful Soundless Communication is.

History and Origin of the Soundless Communication

Soundless Communication is the precursor of Dating Mating and Relating Habitude (for both heteros and homos, including LGBTQIA) since the homo-erectus days 2 million years ago, affirmed by the discovery of ‘Australopithecus Afarensis’ period skeletal remains of ‘Lucy’ at Hadar, Ethiopia, till date as the procreation specific need-based primate acumen of olfactory sense and pheromone compatibility flourishes at the prenatal fetus stage from the mother’s womb even before birth at the gestation period as a child prefers the cosy comfort of mother’s lap and voice of the mother over all other female voices, albeit not with the father, as an infant only starts to prefer the voice of father over other males after two weeks, conclusively establishing that preference is based on familiarity.

History and Origin of the Soundless Communication

What do you mean by Soundless Communication?

A type of communication that does not require the usage of words or speech. Soundless communication can be a potent form of expressing an individual’s preference that is not bothered by verbal communication skills. We call soundless communication a form of nonverbal communication, as it complements as well as supplements the spoken(verbal) Language where lack of any one of them will lead to a misconception of the message that we are supposed to convey.

How do you use Soundless Communication effectively?

How do you use Soundless Communication effectively

Soundless communication, most importantly, provides a medium of thoughtfulness and reflection of words. Great leaders, who are flooded with ideas and information, find ways to Convey their information to the audience in an eye-capturing and heart-winning method. Soundless communication offers a beacon of light to step forward and reflect. It lets the leaders discuss their ideas, fundamental beliefs, and goals. This shows that the soundless ways are not just a shortfall of speech but a functioning commitment with an individual’s point of view to make a better decision.

Tools can make Soundless Communication more Successful and Effective

1. Body Language

Body language embarks a great impact on the person during a soundless conversation. It assists the individual in understanding the personality of the human being while having an interesting discussion, especially during meetings or presentations, like a confident person would stand straight with his/her hands by the side and chin up. Meanwhile, the unsecured, shy, or insecure would tie his/her hands backwards and make eye movements while presenting the ideas. This shows a clear difference between the two with the help of soundless interaction without even spitting a word to the person next to them.

Similarly, a single eye contact with even a stranger says a lot about him. Sometimes, it affects us so much that we start admiring that person, even without knowing them or without having verbal communication.

2. Writing

Writing is one of the very powerful tools of soundless communication by way of interacting or embracing anger, fear, love, or hate about someone or something. Moreover, Writing is a skill that lets you formulate your argument coherently. This requires critical thinking, listening, and analyzing topics of discussion. The pen that an individual uses to pour his/her thoughts into the words on paper could bring immense change in society. Many writers are mostly introverted but carry a lot of knowledge with them, expressed through the power of soundless communication. Writing is a tool of soundless communication that does not make a little bit of noise but has the strength to change the major decisions of the world.

3. Visual Representation

Visual representation comprises the usage of pictures, symbols, signs, or graphics. These elements let the person communicate with more engagement of the audience. This form of communication is more impressive and remarkable than other classical forms of communication, such as written or verbal communication, because it gets pictured into the human brain’s natural ability to process and remember visual information more effectively. Also, It is less time-consuming as compared to others; like a graphical representation could explain the whole concept of the food chain in a single slide, but it takes a lot of thinking and collection of words to portray the same idea in words in paragraph form.

4. Sign Language

Sign-based communication is a language for individuals who are challenged in hearing and listening, like deaf people. Regardless of regular misinterpretations, communications via signs, which is soundless communication, are easier for them to understand with their linguistic structure and punctuation. Soundless sign language is an art that uses incredible gestures to communicate. Although some people might think that this separates people who are deaf or hard of hearing from hearing human beings, the main goal is to communicate, which can either be by soundless sign language or by using words in a speech.

What are the Pros of Soundless Communication?

No doubt, silent communication is certainly not a replacement for verbal communication, but It’s just another way or tool in our communication system, which is vast. You may be amazed by the level of impact it has on the other person while having a conversation in a workplace, meeting, discussion, or while giving a presentation in your school or college.

What are the Pros of Soundless Communication

Here are some advantages or Pros of soundless communication in our daily lives;

1. Builds Emotional Connection

In a world where everybody needs to put their point in front, which creates a lot of exaggeration in our lives that we do not understand the real meaning of words or speech conveyed by the person, as in such critical situations, a look or a gesture can say a lot about your condition. It has a lot of reinforcement on the emotional relationships. First of all, soundless communication, like body language or different gestures and eyes, can express feelings more effectively and powerfully than words. Most of the time, your words can’t convey the inner situation that you are feeling or the time through which you are going. Soundless communication builds your faith and connection with your partner or friend. This can make your bond stronger as silence connects you on a deeper level of understanding.

Most importantly, endless communication is the way to communicate with your God spiritually. It can also be a source of comfort when you are depressed or feeling miserable. A consoling sign or a gesture can be as strong as uplifting statements of encouragement.

2. Better Understanding

Visuals, graphics, and pictorial forms are some of the powerful aspects of learning in soundless communication. Our mind accepts visual representations more quickly than those that are in written forms. Several medical and scientific research have been conducted and proven that visual learning is better than any other for remembrance of puzzling or difficult topics of studies. The occipital centre of our brain is in coordination with the auditory centre, and these both together produce a long-term memory. Graphics and charts are the easiest and most efficient way to make sure that the information gets stored as a long-term memory in our minds. Also, the concepts or the instructions regarding a particular topic listed in bullet points could be way more straightforward for quick learning.

3. Enhance listening skills

Soundless communication can make a person a good listener and observe things in a better way. Better listening can lead to better understanding. And eventually, enhance communication skills. Learning in such a way can be helpful for people who have trouble speaking due to any medical condition, like any abnormality or illness.

What are the Cons of Soundless Communication?

Talking broadly about communication, every type of communication has cons or disadvantages. Even if it is verbal or nonverbal communication. soundless communication has listed below Cons

1. Misconceptions

Soundless communication can be unclear and questionable as no words or Language are being used in this type of communication to swiftly express a message, idea, or information to the next person. The meaning of conversation in signs, symbols, or gestures changes depending upon the circumstances and mood of the person.

2. Less Preference

The majority of people prefer verbal communication over nonverbal or soundless communication during the conversation. Because soundless communication is more time-consuming and difficult to understand, it also sometimes requires repetition of gestures, signs, or body language in order to make the individual clear about their ideas.

3. People start dominating You

It is the human psyche that controls the weak and introverts. They start treating you inferiorly and take advantage of you because you can only object sometimes with soundless communication. It takes firm attention to understand soundless objection over a particular matter. This will let people take you for granted. Most of the time, introverts or soundless communicators need help making friends or interacting with people around them.


All types of communication have a single prime goal, that is, to interact with people to know each other and exchange ideas. Soundless communication is one of the powerful forms of nonverbal communication that can have an immense effect on the next person without even saying a word by mouth. Soundless communication provides us with a variety of methods to interact via body language, gestures, visuals, and many more. Verbal communication also depends on nonverbal (soundless communication) in many ways to complete the meaning of the conversation. The movements of hands during speech are one of the examples.


How is soundless communication different from verbal communication?

When we do verbal communication, then, we communicate with sounds or words by opening our mouths. However, in Soundless communication, we communicate using our body language, facial expressions, and gestures.

Is soundless communication more effective than Verbal Communication?

However, when we do soundless communication, it conveys our feelings and emotions more than verbal communication because your expressions and signs talk more than your words. As per the research study, we use 80% Silent communication and 20% verbal communication in our day-to-day lives.

How important is facial expression in Soundless Communication?

Indeed, Facial Expression plays an important role in Soundless Communication. Remember, your facial expression speaks before you speak. People can read your mind by observing your facial expression. Different facial expressions like happiness, anger, fear, and surprise can easily access your mind without your words.

What is the difference in soundless communication between an infant and Parents?

Soundless communication plays a vital role in reflecting the love between an Infant and Parents. When an Infant cries, Parents can make some funny facial expressions to relax the infant. Parents can do any funny activities to make their Infant smile. Infants take time to understand words and sounds, but at the same time, Soundless communication maintains the bond between the Parents and Infant.

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