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7 Level Communicator Mastery: Effective Communication Strategies

What is 7 Level Communicator?

The 7-Level Conversation Builder is a conversation tool that works on its own. It allows the person to record & playback 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 words for each level. Records can be made at 7 levels, with a maximum of 112 messages in the 16-window configuration. The unit has 5 strong Frames or covers for windows 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 inches wide. When a person changes window frames, they need to record again. Enhance your communication skills with the 7 Level Communicator method. Elevate Your Relationships & Conversations today.

What is 7 Level Communicator

The 7-Level Communication Booster gives a way to learn & express themselves. The device is just a guide for these goals; people can focus on any area they prefer. People can easily record the communication repeatedly, which can be used for many different things. It has 5 frame sets that let you work with 1, 2, 4, 8, or 16 texts & can record 300 seconds.

How to use 7 Level Communicator

1. Picking Out Tasks

It can be hard to tell what a kid wants to do at any given time. Additionally, The child can decide which task to do independently with the communication builder. To put together a sentence in the 4-window setting, the User can press one icon to say, “I’d like to play…” and then one of 3 images that go with it. The child could say, “I want to have fun in the art area,” “on a PC,” or “through blocks.”

2. Starting off

Think about a Kid who can’t talk during circle time in school. With the speaker set to “one-frame,” all the child had to press the button & say, “Hi, my name is Gail.” “What is your name?” The child may speak by calling their name & joining a team. It’s intersting..Right?

3. Express Your Emotions

Indeed, You can use the 7-Level Communication Builder to determine how your child feels if you are a parent or teacher. Set up the 4, 8, or 16 window frame in a beginning phrase & a list of feelings to help the child order their answer. To find out how the person is feeling today, you can ask them, and they can answer, “I feel…satisfied.”

What Are The 7 Communication Styles

What Are The 7 Communication Styles

7 Level Communicator: There are regular, everyday times when our speaking ability breaks down in a world full of people. Most of the time, this is because we need to learn to talk to other people with different approaches.

Let’s look at 7 great ways to talk to people that can work for any situation.

1. Responsive

People like this “Wear their feelings on their Shoulders.” They don’t think when they speak & often remember they said something wrong. This kind of person doesn’t have the normal limits that most people do, so they talk in a way that might be rude.

2. Emotional Style

Emotional people think about things in terms of how they Feel. It’s hot today, or that person didn’t make me feel good. Because of how they feel about someone or something, this person thinks about things & talks to others about their feelings. When they don’t feel good about something, they will never be okay with doing it.

7 Level Communicator

3. Strong Language

This is one of the best ways to communicate with People. It shows & encourages high self-esteem. This communication is suitable for You. Moreover, it will get what you want. Being assertive gives you the courage to talk to people without tricking them. You know your limits well. Don’t let someone push you past them because they need or want something from you. Strangely, this style is significantly less used.

4. Aggression

In this style, You must win, Although if it costs someone else something. Most of the time, people who use this way think their needs are much more important than other people. People who feel this way think they have more rights & give more than other people. People will be more engaged in How you Say, What You’re saying, so this is not an excellent communication method.

5. The Style of Manipulation

This style is Cunning & Sneaky. People can do what they want. They have the things that hide messages. The other person doesn’t understand what those messages are. You might think manipulating others is an excellent way to get what you want while it costs something. Therefore, People who do this only care about what they will get & don’t care about others.

7 Level Communicator

6. Style of Submission

This style is used by people who want to get along with others & Avoid arguments. People who speak this way will put the needs of others ahead of their own because they believe, Those needs are more important than theirs. They won’t give much because they think other people have more freedom than them & their contribution is not sufficient either.

7. Reflect Back

People who belong to this, Want to know what you mean before you Talk. Likely, this person will be quiet because of this. On the other hand, People think of them as Passive & often don’t have many of their thoughts. At the Same time, When You ask this individual, they say, “Let me think about that.” The other ways of talking to people are relatively easy for this type of person.

What Makes Communication Dynamic

What Makes Communication Dynamic

7 Level Communicator: Because the dialogue process frequently changes, it must be done. Miscommunication can happen no matter how much thought & care goes into writing a message. Not only can dialogue not be undone, it can also not be repeated.

Self-awareness & Awareness of the situation are the 2 things that can make Conversation more interesting. Being Self-Aware helps you figure out your emotions better, but being situationally aware will give you the courage to change how you talk to people to engage them directly.

What Does “Intentional Communicator” Really Mean?

7 Level Communicator: Moreover, Intentional communication allows both people to get what they need from the Conversation. Articulating in a way that makes it more likely that both people hear each other is what it means. Everyone can use it. It can be used for any situation.

For example, it’s what we are adding or doing to the message & what the message was meant to do. Saying something like, “As a world-class advertisement agency, we achieve outcomes that become sales for you” is an example of intentional communication.


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