7 Enemies of Marriage


Avoid 7 Enemies of Marriage for a Happy Life

Marriage is a journey filled with love. It is a path of affection and companionship. But this journey is not free from challenges. There are many obstacles in married life. Some of these obstacles can destroy happiness. They can turn into enemies, ruin peace, and lead to separation. Welcome to one of our most beautiful posts 7 Enemies of Marriage where you will find the different enemies of marriage and moreover, the tips and techniques to overcome those enemies.

Understanding the enemies of happy marriages is so important. Selfishness, communication gap, alcohol addiction, gambling addiction, lack of intimacy, impulsivity, and insecurity are the 7 most notable obstacles in Marriage.

This article explores these 7 formidable enemies. It also suggests some effective strategies for fighting these enemies.

Understanding and overcoming these deadly Enemies 

1. Selfishness of Couples: the biggest threat to marital happiness

Indeed, a Lack of generosity brings conflicts and disrespect. Selfish partners act manipulatively. They never consider one another’s viewpoint.

If you want to be happy, you must learn how to fight Selfishness. Selfish spouses never take your responsibility. They always think about their own goals. Self-satisfaction and priorities are main to them.

Selfishness of Couples

They have no interest in your goals and aspirations. However, Self-centeredness makes them blind. It hinders them from making you happy. Selfishness affects the sharing of responsibilities and smooth communication. Marital friendship can only grow with mutual interest. Disrespect, devaluing, and negligence are common in a selfish relationship. 

Overcoming Selfishness in marital life is quite possible with the following strategies:

  • Effective communication, empathy, and caring for each other.
  • Carefully listening to each other.
  • Caring and valuing the opinions of partners.
  • Providing space for the interests and wishes of your husband or wife.
  • Consulting a professional advisor to overcome a selfish attitude.

2. Communication Gap: Hidden Barrier Between Partners

7 Enemies of Marriage: Open communication is one of the most important parts of a joyful married life. At the same time, It helps to grow trust, respect, and love for each other. Lack of effective communication increases emotional distance. It reduces room for problem-sharing and often leads to separation.

You become stressed when you don’t understand your partner. Also, Misunderstanding, argument, and disrespect issues evolve. A study by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers says about 67.5 per cent of marriages end in divorce because of the communication gap. To Summarize, Lifelong ties in marital life are only possible with two-way communication.

You can overcome communication problems with the following strategies:

  • Recognizing and addressing emotional distance.
  • Married couples should openly talk to each other.
  • They can share their issues or problems with each other.
  • They should listen to one another’s opinions.
  • Pay enough attention to your partner.
  • Building patience in personal connections is also important here.
  • Reading books, taking various courses, and seeking professional counselling can be very beneficial.

3. Alcohol Abuse: The Devil Invader to Your Married Life

The effects of alcohol abuse on marital relationships are detrimental. At the same time, Excessive drinking can lead to communication gaps. It can cause conflicts, misunderstandings, and arguments. It impairs judgment and decision-making ability. Eventually, This habit can result in financial burden and economic instability.

The addicted husband or wife might feel mentally and physically frustrated. Constant fear and anxiety grasp them altogether. They can have brain dysfunction and infertility issues. Their intimate relationships suffer from this curse. Therefore, supporting partners through addiction recovery is necessary.

To get rid of this Enemy:

  • Couples must identify the signs of alcohol abuse
  • They can get professional counselling.
  • Recovery centres for alcohol addicts can help to leave this habit.
  • Please communicate with your partner. Moreover, be responsible, and give him or her time.
  • Following religious principles and ethics can be beneficial.

4. Gambling Addiction: The Hidden Threat to Marital Unity

Gambling addiction is a silent killer. It leads to the erosion of the foundation of a marriage. Over addiction to gambling also cause financial strain as well as emotional turmoil. Moreover, it lessens trust and brings disputes. Such habits can bring distractions from a happy married life. Obsessive gamblers often hide the facts. Gamblers lose quality time and stay away from responsibilities.

They become socially isolated, anxious, and frightened. It destroys after-marriage happiness, raises divorce risk, and descends into a pit of misery. However, A happy married life can be restored with support. Couples can combat this issue on their own. They can listen to addiction specialists also.

  • Financial transparency, mutual understanding, and encouraging each other can help in this issue.
  • Set financial boundaries for your partner
  • Positively handle your partner’s behaviour.
  • Abiding spiritual rules and keeping religious beliefs.

5. Lack of Intimacy: The Erosion of Personal Connection

Lack of Intimacy The Enemies of Marriage

7 Enemies of Marriage: A marital relationship needs both physical and emotional intimacy. However, a Lack of intimacy can cause low self-esteem. At the same time, feelings of loneliness and mental unrest may arise. When you are not intimate enough with your partner, he or she may feel insecure. Emotional detachment comes between couples. A prolonged period without sex might lead to feelings of tension and anxiety.

Intimacy conveys love, feelings, and affection. Moreover, it strengthens bonds and builds a foundation of belief. Keep in mind that your partner is your closest person. Avoiding neglect in Marriage is quite important. On the other hand, physical and emotional negligence can lead to resentment, frustration, and depression.

Overcoming intimacy issues in Marriage is possible with some simple strategies:

  • You should try to find out the causes of hesitance or unwillingness of intimacy.
  • Talk openly with your partner and share the problems with each other.
  • Remember your previous romantic and close moments and discuss them with your partner.
  • Take expert guidelines and improve your closeness gradually.

6. Impulsivity: Loss of Spontaneity in Marriage

Impulsive people take action without thinking about the consequences. Your impulsive spouse may misjudge you. They can do anything they wish. Controlling impulsivity in relationships is very important. Above all, we should not impose selfish thoughts on our partners.

After Marriage, impulsivity results in a loss of trust and arguments. On the other hand, Indecisiveness and irrational decision-making can result from such a habit. Impulsivity increases rough behaviours and fast reactions. Afterwards, It reduces mutual respect, emotional stability, and a sense of judgment. Personality disorders, irresponsible actions, and depression can arise. Eventually, all of these can lead to an unhappy married life.

To combat this Enemy, you can practice the following:

  • Mindfulness and resilience in married life.
  • Increasing thinking ability, rational decision-making, and mental calmness.
  • The habit of active listening, acceptance, and avoiding over-expectations.
  • Address the challenges together and seek professional advice.

7. Insecurity: The Root Cause of Separation in Marriage

7 Enemies of Marriage: Lack of belief and self-respect, low confidence in a partner, and fears of cheating or separation result in insecurity. Financial instability of spouse, jealousy, and lack of a supportive environment can also be responsible for insecurity. You start to feel worried, seek attention, and always argue with your partner when you feel insecure.

Insecurity The  Enemy of Marriage

It can weaken the foundation of relationships. Eventually, It creates anxiety and breaks down communication. Most importantly, It can hamper your romantic life, intimacy, and trust. This Enemy can attack you inside and compel you to doubt your marital bond. It can destroy your inner peace. Eventually, You will be busy finding negativity in your spouse.

Additionally, Addressing insecurity in Marriage is fundamental. If you want to deal with insecurity-

  • You should find the causes of insecurity.
  • Identify the signs and overcoming strategies.
  • Build self-confidence and grow mutual respect.
  • Practice empathy and build trust.  

10 Tips to Fight with the Enemies of Marriage

  • Spotting early indicators of marital problems.
  • Use active listening strategies.
  • Resolve disputes quickly.
  • Provide your spouse platforms for deep conversation.
  • Show empathy by considering your partner’s needs and viewpoint.
  • Encourage a mindset that brings generosity and flexibility.
  • Concentrate on improving each other’s self-esteem.
  • Examine strategies to improve intimacy.
  • Use mindfulness exercises to help you contemplate and stop impulsive behaviour.
  • Never be afraid to ask a therapist or marriage counsellor for advice.


7 Enemies of Marriage: Marriage is sweet, but the after-marriage journey can be full of obstacles. Therefore, a fulfilling married life can be yours if you recognize and overcome these challenges. In a married relationship, love and affection can blossom through putting transparency first, showing empathy for one another, and treating one another with respect. Both the husband and the wife should possess resilience and work together to lead the married life. Together, a couple can overcome obstacles and establish a strong marriage.

FAQs: 7 Enemies of Marriage

What are the different enemies of Marriage?

We consider the marriage enemies to impact negatively or badly on the marital Relationship. There are many, but the significant enemies are Lack of Trust, Communication Gap, Financial loss or Stress, Jealousy, Insecurity, etc.

What is the most dangerous Enemy of Marriage?

The most dangerous of Marriage is Selfishness. However, It reflects in our behaviour, how we take responsibility for each other, and how we spend time with each other.

Is financial stress an enemy of Marriage?

Yes, Financial stress is considered one of the Marriage’s enemies. When a financial loss situation arises, then there will be a lot of tension and conflict between the Husband and Wife. Moreover, You will deny many of the spending habits that you usually have. Eventually, you can feel disrespected and insecure.

In the Relationship, which is the biggest Enemy?

We consider “EGO” to be one of the biggest enemies in the Relationship. When you have Ego, then you will forget mutual respect, Love, and Affection, which are really needed for a good relationship. However, Your “Knows everything” attitude will hamper your Relationship.

How can you overcome the enemies of Marriage?

Before overcoming the enemies of Marriage, you should accept and adjust to nature. Then, show your love and care to your partner so that there is no conflict between the two of you. Adding to this, You both should be listening to each other. Most Importantly, Be honest and loyal as much to each other. In this way, you can overcome the enemies of Marriage.

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